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Séminaire Géométrie et théorie des modèles

Horaires : Le vendredi 06 mars 2015, 14h15

Lieu : ENS, salle W

Definable types in ACVF.

Pablo Cubides-Kovacsics (Lille I)

Given a pair of models Kprec L of a first-order theory T, the pair is said to be stable if the following property holds: all types over K which are realized in L are definable. Marker and Steinhorn characterized stable pairs of models of o-minimal theories as pairs K prec L where K is Dedekind complete in L. In this talk we provide a characterization of stable pairs of algebraically closed valued fields K prec L. To get a flavor of the topic, different examples will be discussed and a brief introduction to some model-theoretic aspects of stable pairs will be given. This is a joint work with Françoise Delon.


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