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Variétés rationnelles

Horaires : Le vendredi 31 mars 2017, 16h30-17h30

Lieu : ENS, salle W

Finite descent obstruction and non-abelian reciprocity.

Otto Overkamp (Imperial College, Londres)

For a nice algebraic variety X over a number field F, one of the central problems of Diophantine Geometry is to locate precisely the set X(F) inside X(A), where A denotes the ring of adèles of F. One approach to this problem is provided by the finite descent obstruction, which is defined to be the set of adelic points which can be lifted to twists of torsors for finite étale group schemes over F on X. More recently, Kim proposed an iterative construction of another subset of X(A) which contains the set of rational points. In this talk, we compare the two constructions. Our main result shows that the two approaches are equivalent.


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