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Nonlinear analysis and PDEs seminar

Time: Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 11h30-12h30

Location: Jussieu campus, room 309, third floor, corridor between tower #15 and tower #16.

Atomic-to-continuum derivation in Elasticity with interface energy

Carlos Mora-Corral (Université de Bilbao - Personal website)

I will present an atomic-to-continuum derivation in nonlinear elasticity. The atomistic model is based on a two-body interaction energy, with a potential of the Lennard-Jones type. Performing a pointwise Taylor expansion, we obtain a continuum model that predicts elastic energy, sharp-interface energy and smooth-interface energy. This also gives a method to describe the configuration of the atoms between two consecutive sharp interfaces, which qualitatively agrees with experiments in Ni-Mn alloys presenting microstructure.


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