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Nonlinear analysis and PDEs seminar

Time: Tuesday, February 08, 2011, 11h30-12h30

Location: IHP, room 314

A stochastic perturbation of the Allen-Cahn equation

Matthias Röger (Université de Dortmund (Allemagne) - Personal website)

In this talk we consider a stochastically perturbed Allen-Cahn equation. The classical Allen-Cahn equation describes phase separation of non-conserved fields. In the so-called sharp interface limit solutions converge to solutions of mean curvature flow. We consider here additional random effects in form of a perturbation by a stochastic flow. We present a tightnessresult in the sharp interface limit and discuss the relation to a version of stochastically perturbed mean curvature flow. (This is joint work with Hendrik Weber from Warwick.)


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