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Geometry and Model Theory

Time: Friday, January 29, 2010, 16h

Location: Salle Henri Cartan (ENS)

Real subanalytic functions, their logarithms, and Lebesgue integration

Raf Cluckers (CNRS - Lille)

Finding and searching for algebras of real or complex valued functions which are stable under parameterized integration has become a personal passion. In the p-adic, uniformly p-adic, and motivic settings, several such algebras are known (including or not additive characters), We will present joint work with Daniel Miller in which we prove the stability under Lebesgue integration of sums of products of globally subanalytic functions and their logarithms, see arXiv:0911.4373. This relates among other things to periods as presented by Kontsevich and Zagier and builds further on work by Comte, Lion, and Rolin.


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