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Probability and Statistics

• Fundamental processes: Several members of the team study fundamental processes in probability theory, for instance branching processes, random trees, superprocesses, branching random walks, fragmentation processes, self-similar markovian processes.

• Interacting particles systems: These models are defined by simple probabilistic rules, yet their equilibrium and their dynamics are difficult to analyze, this requires to develop specific techniques.

• Bidimensional quantum gravity: This topic is studied in the team via two complementary approaches, on one hand the study of random planar maps, on the other hand field theory and the multiplicative gaussian chaos.

• Problems coming from biology: The aim is to study a stochastic analog of Eigen’s model of quasispecies.

• Statistics: The team works on statistical learning and its applications in computational vision, linguistics, primatology and data analysis in high dimension.

Team leader

Cerf Raphaël


45 rue d'Ulm - F 75230 PARIS cedex 05 | phone : (33) 1 44 32 20 49 | fax : (33) 1 44 32 20 69

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