1996 - Titre des prépublications / Titles of preprints

96-1 B. Tóth, W. Werner : Tied favourite edges for simple random walk

96-2 W. Werner: Asymptotic behaviour of disconnection and non-intersection exponents

96-3 T. Bodineau : Interface in a one-dimensional Ising model with random interactions

96-4 F. Golse: Shock profiles for the Perthame-Tadmor kinetic model

96-5 F. Golse : Anomalous diffusion limit for the Knudsen gas

96-6 V.V. Batyrev, Y. Tschinkel : Rational points on some Fano cubic bundles

96-7 C. Bardos, F. Golse, J.-F. Colonna : Diffusion approximation and hyperbolic automorphisms of the torus

96-8 J. Bourgain, F. Golse, B. Wennberg : The ergodization time for linear flows on Tori : Applications to Kinetic theory

96-9 Victor V. Batyrev, Yuri Tschinkely : Height zeta functions of toric varieties

96-10 A. Aftalion, J. Busca : Radial symmetry of overdetermined boundary value problems in exterior domains

96-11 A. Aftalion : On the minimizers of the Ginzburg-Landau energy for high Kappa: the one-dimensional case

96-12 A. Aftalion : On the minimizers of the Ginzburg-Landau energy for high Kappa: the axially symmetric case

96-13 Mihael Perman, Wendelin Werner : Perturbed Brownian motions

96-14 H. Zaag : Blow-up results for vector-valued nonlinear heat equations with no gradient structure

96-15 J. Merker : On removable singularities for CR functions in higher codimension

96-16 E. Grenier : Pseudodifferential energy estimates of singular pertubations

96-17 P. Colmez : Sur la hauteur de Faltings des variétés Abéliennes à multiplication compexe

96-18 P. Colmez : Théorie d'Iwasawa des représentations de de Rham d`un corps local

96-19 C. Cot, O. Catoni : Piecewise constant triangular cooling schedules for generalized simulated annealing algorithms

96-20 O. Catoni : Solving scheduling problems by simulated annealing

96-21 O. Catoni : Metropolis, similated annealing and I.E.T. algorithms: theory and experiments

96-22 M. Brion, M. Vergne : Residue formulae, vector partition functions and lattice points in rational polytopes

96-23 D. Harari, E. Leichtnam : Extension du phénomene de brisure spontanée de symétrie de Bost-Connes au cas des corps globaux quelconques

96-24 O. Catoni, R. Cerf : The exit path of a Markov chain with rare transitions (revised version of LMENS-95-23)

96-25 A. Bonami, D. Hilhorst, E. Logak : Modified motion by mean curvature: local existence and uniqueness and qualitative properties

96-26 P. Colmez : Intégration sur les variétes p-adiques

96-27 E. Leichtnam, P. Piazza : A Higher Atiyah-Patodi-Singer Index Theorem on Galois Coverings

96-28 A. Beauville, Y. Laszlo, C. Sorger : The Picard group of the moduli of G-bundles on a curve

96-29 A. Beauville : The Verlinde formula for PGL$(p)$

96-30 Y. Laszlo : Linearization of group stack actions and the Picard group of the moduli of SL$_r/mu_s$ -bundles on a curve

96-31 A. Chambert-Loir : Cohomologie cristalline : un survol

96-32R. Abraham, W. Werner : Avoiding-probabilities for Brownian snakes and super-Brownian motion

96-33 A.-M. Aubert : Some properties of character sheaves

96-35 E. García Barroso : Invariants des singularités de courbes planes et courbure des fibres de Milnor

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