2000 - Titre des prépublications / Titles of preprints

00-1 B. ENRIQUEZ, G. FELDER: Solutions of the KZB equations in genus greater than one

00-2 A. GUIONNET, O. ZEITOUNI: Concentration of the spectral measure for large matrices

00-3 T. CABANAL-DUVILLARD, A. GUIONNET: Large deviations upper bounds and non commutative entropies for some matrices ensembles

00-4 G. BEN AROUS, A. DEMBO, A. GUIONNET: Aging of spherical spin glasses

00-5 J.-P. VERT: Adaptive context trees and text clustering

00-6 C. VILLANI: Contribution à l'étude mathématique des collisions en théorie cinétique

00-7 B. ENRIQUEZ, Y. KOSMANN-SCHWARZBACH: Quantum homogeneous spaces and quasi-Hopf algebras

00-08 B. ENRIQUEZ: Quasi-Hopf algebras associated with semisimple Lie algebras and complex curves

00-09 C. BARDOS, F. GOLSE, D. LEVERMORE: The Stokes limit for the Boltzmann equation

00-10 A.-M. AUBERT: Character Sheaves and Generalized Springer Correspondence

00-11 M. BRAMSON, J.T. COX, J.-F. LE GALL: Super-Brownian limits of voter model clusters

00-12 P. BAIN, M. BERG: Effective action of matter fields in four-dimensional string orientifolds

00-13 J.-F. QUINT: Cônes limites des sous-groupes discrets des groupes réductifs sur un corps local

00-14 K. BURDZY, J.-F. LE GALL: Super-Brownian motion with reflecting historical paths

00-15 J.-P. VERT: Double Mixture and Universal Inference

00-16 R. BOTCHORISHVILI, B. PERTHAME, A. VASSEUR: Equilibrium Schemes for Scalar Conservation Laws with Stiff Sources

00-17 J. BELLAICHE: Relèvement des formes modulaires de Picard

00-18 P. BIANE: Approximate factorization and concentration for characters of symmetric groups

00-19 S. BARANNIKOV: Quantum periods -- I. Semi-infinite variations of Hodge structures.

00-20 P.E. JABIN, B. PERTHAME: Compactness in Ginzburg-Landau energy by kinetic averaging

00-21 A.-M. AUBERT, J.-L. KIM: A Plancherel formula on ${\rm Sp}_4$

00-22 P.-E. JABIN: Renormalization process for the Vlasov-Poisson system

00-23 P.-E. JABIN, F. OTTO: Control on the distribution function of particles in a Stokes flow

00-24 S. BARANNIKOV: Semi-infinite hodge structures and mirror symmetry for projective spaces

00-25 Y. BARAUD: Non Asymptotic Minimax Rates of Testing in Signal Detection

00-26 N. BOURNAVEAS, B. PERTHAME: Averages over Spheres for Kinetic Transport Equations; Hyperbolic Sobolev spaces and Strichartz inequalities

00-27 B. ENRIQUEZ: Quantization of Lie bialgebras and shuffle algebras of Lie algebras

00-28 F. BOUCHUT: Entropy satisfying flux vector splittings and kinetic BGK models

00-29 J.-P. VERT: Text Categorization Using Adaptive Context Trees

00-30 A. BLOCH, F. GOLSE, T. PAUL, A. URIBE: Dispersionless Toda and Toeplitz Operators

00-31 F.PAULIN.: Groupe modulaire, fractions continues et approximation diophantienne en caract\'eristique $p$

00-32 H. ZAAG: On the regularity of the blow-up set for semilinear heat equations

00-33 C. BARDOS, F. GOLSE, N. J. MAUSER: Weak coupling limit of the $N$-particle Schr\"odinger equation

00-34 F. CASTELLA, B. PERTHAME, O. RUNBORG: High frequency limit of the Helmholtz equation II: source on a general smooth manifold

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