2003 - Titre des prépublications / Titles of preprints

03-01 NAJNUDEL, Joseph: Rectificatif concernant un article de J.C. Gruet sur l'homotopie du mouvement brownien sphérique

03-02 MERLE, Frank, ZAAG, Hatem: Determination of the blow-up rate for a critical semilinear wave equation

03-03 ALDOUS, David, MIERMONT, Grégory, PITMAN, Jim: The exploration process of inhomogeneous continuum random trees, and an extension of Jeulin's local time identity

03-04 ALDOUS, David, MIERMONT, Grégory, PITMAN, Jim: Brownian Bridge Asymptotics for Random {\bf p}-mappings

03-05 HARARI, David, SZAMUELY, Tam\a'as: Arithmetic duality theorems for 1-motives

03-06 LE GALL, Jean-François, MYTNIK, Leonid: Regularity and irregularity of the exit measure density for $(1+\beta)$-stable super-Brownian motion

03-07 MIERMONT, Grégory: Self-similar fragmentations derived from the stable tree II: splitting at nodes

03-08 MACIÀ, Fabricio: Wigner measures in the discrete setting: high-frequency analysis of sampling \& reconstruction operators

03-09 JABIN, Pierre-Emmanuel, VEGA, Luis: A Real Space Method for Averaging Lemmas

03-10 HAURAY, Maxime, JABIN, Pierre-Emmanuel: N-particles approximation of the Vlasov equations with singular potential

03-11 BOALCH, Philip: The Klein solution to Painlev\'e's sixth equation

03-12 ANDRE, Yves: D\'eformation et sp\'ecialisation de cycles motiv\'es.

03-13 ANDRE, Yves: Cycles de Tate et cycles motiv\'es sur les vari\'et\'es ab\'eliennes en caract\'eristique $p>0$.

03-14 DE CONCINI, Corrado, PROCESI, Claudio, RESHETIKHIN, Nicolai, ROSSO, Marc: Hopf algebras with trace and representations

03-15 CORRIAS, Lucilla , PERTHAME, Benoit, ZAAG, Hatem: Global Solutions of some Chemotaxis and Angiogenesis Systems in high space dimensions

03-16 TOROSSIAN, Charles: Paires sym\'etriques orthogonales et Isomorphisme de Rouvi\`ere

03-17 PERTHAME, Benoît, RIZHIK, Lenya: Exponential decay for the fragmentation or cell-division equation

03-18 TOROSSIAN, Charles, PEVZNER, M.: Isomorphisme de Duflo et la cohomologie tangentielle

03-19 HAAS, Bénédicte, MIERMONT, Grégory: The genealogy of self-similar fragmentations with negative index as a continuum random tree

03-20 VAN STRATEN, Duco, SEVENHECK, Christian: Rigid and Complete Intersection Lagrangian Singularities

03-21 FILBET, Francis, LAURENÇOT, Philippe, PERTHAME, Benoît: Derivation of Hyperbolic Models for Chemosensitive Movement

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