2006 - Titre des prťpublications / Titles of preprints

06-01 CALVEZ, Vincent, PERTHAME, Benoit, SHARIFI TABAR, Mohsen: Modified Keller-Segel system and critical mass for the log interaction kernel

06-02 COTE, RaphaŽl: Construction of solutions to the subcritical gKdV equations with a given asymptotical behavior.

06-03 BOALCH, Philip P.: Regge and Okamoto symmetries

06-04 BRESCH, Didier, DESJARDINS, Benoit: On the construction of approximate solutions for the 2D viscous shallow water model and for compressible Navier-Stokes models

06-05 GERARD-VARET, David, PAUL, Thierry: Remarks on Boundary Layer Expansions

06-06 CAO, Yanping, LUNASIN, Evelyn M., TITI, Edriss S.: Global Well-posedness of the Three-dimensional Viscous and Inviscid Simplified Bardina Turbulence Models

06-07 CONSTANTIN, Peter, LEVANT, Boris, TITI, Edriss S.: A Note on the Regularity of Inviscid Shell Model of Turbulence

06-08 CHERNYSHENKO, Sergei I., CONSTANTIN, Peter, ROBINSON, James C., TITI, Edriss S.: {\it A posteriori} regularity of the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations from numerical computations

06-09 BRESCH, Didier, DESJARDINS BenoÓt, G…RARD-VARET, David: On compressible Navier--Stokes equations with density dependent viscosities in bounded domains

06-10 MERKER, JoŽl, PORTEN, Egmont: A geometrical proof of the Hartogs extension theorem

06-11 WEILL, Mathilde: Asymptotics for rooted planar maps and scaling limits of two-type spatial trees

06-12 GUILLEMIN, V., PAUL, T., URIBE, A.: "Bottom of the well" semi-classical trace invariants

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