Preprints and publications


Miscellaneous Writing

  • Note on Gromov-Hausdorff topology taken from the talk by Ilaria Mondello (September 2017). [pdf]
  • Simulation of quasi-stationary distribution with Yiyang Yu supervised by Vincent Bansaye (April 2017). [pdf]
  • Simulation of BSDE with Jingke Xu and supervised by Pierre Henry-Labordere (April 2017). [pdf]
  • Project on random recursive lamination on disk supervised by Igor Kortchemski (January 2017). [pdf]
  • Teamwork project ("Projet Scientifique Collectif") on graph expander with Mathilde de la Morinerie, Chloe Papin, Oussama Hanguir, Manh Tien Nguyen, Van Huy Vo and supervised by Charles Favre (May 2016). [pdf]