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From July 1 until September 30 2005, the library of mathematics and computer science presents an exhibition of Einstein's main works :

Complete bibliography of the exhibition can be downloaded here (pdf - 1,2 Mo - 20 pages)


Books belonging to the content of the library can be borrowed again. Consult our catalogue here

Classification according to themes: Einstein's works, books about Einstein, texts about relativity, Poincaré/Einstein debate, journals.


Extract of the exhibition's visitor book


Relativity Einstein - Poincaré ?

During the months before and after the publication of volume 17 of the "Annalen der Physik", Henri Poincaré published several articles about dynamics of the electron. Those articles lead some to say the theory of restricted relativity should be called "relativity of Einstein-Poincaré".

Document lent by the department of Physics of the Ecole normale supérieure : Annalen der Physik.

Original document dating back to 1905.

It contains three fundamental articles in the development of 20th century physics :

- Heuristic point of view concerning the production and transformation of light - pages 132 -148 : Effet photo-électrique

- Brownian movement - pages 549 - 560 Mouvement Brownien

- Electrodynamics of moving bodies - pages 891 - 907 : Relativité


Documents lent by the Archives Edmund Husserl :

"La conscience du temps : absolu définitif et véritable" - "Le flux constitutif du temps comme subjectivité absolue"

- 1928 : Jahrbuch für Philosophie und phänomenologische Forschung, (tome IX)
Martin Heidegger, who had just succeeded him in Fribourg, published at his demand the Leçons given by Husserl in Göttingen about the [la] conscience intime du temps.

- 1964 : Gérard Granel published Henri Dussort's French translation of the Leçons. The translation was a remarkable success in the French phenomenology community, from Lévinas to Desanti or Michel Henry, including J.Derrida, Paul Ricœur, and many others.


- 1966 : Rudolf Boehm published in the series "Husserliana" (tome X), Zur Phänomenologie des inneren Zeitbewußtseins (1893- 1917)




Thanks :

We heartily thank Mrs M. Brouat, responsible of the library of physics and Mr. J. F. Courtine and Mr. A. Pernet, responsibles of the content of the Archives Husserl in Paris for their kind collaboration.

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Translated from the French by Mathias Oehler