Peter Nejjar

A picture of me

I'm currently a Postdoc at ENS Paris (but am moving to IST Austria in October 2016), where I work on models of combinatorial statistical mechanics such as plane partitions as well as fluctuations in random growth models such as the (Totally) Asymmetric Simple Exclusion process and Last Passage Percolation. I finished my PhD in Bonn in September 2015 under the supervision of Patrik Ferrari on Shock Fluctuations in KPZ Growth models - check out this site for an animation of the GOE-GOE shock!

Recent Talks

Transition to Shock Fluctuations in TASEP
Cargese, Corse, September 2016
Competition Interfaces in Last Passage Percolation and Asymptotic Independence
Cirm, Marseille, March 2016
From Critical Scalings to Shock Fluctuations in TASEP
Bochum, March 2016
Shock Fluctuations in TASEP
IHP, Paris, February 2016

Research Papers

Anomalous shock fluctuations in TASEP and last passage percolation models, with Patrik Ferrari
Probability Theory and Related Fields, 61 (2015), 61 -109, arxiv preprint

Shock Fluctuations in flat TASEP under critical scaling, with Patrik Ferrari
Journal of Statistical Physics, 60 (2015), 985-1004, arxiv preprint

Fluctuations of the competition interface in presence of shocks, with Patrik Ferrari
Submitted (2016), arxiv preprint

Téléphone: +33 (0)1 44 32 20 51

DMA - Ecole Normale Supérieure
45, rue d'Ulm
75230 Paris Cedex 05 - France